Pro-Care will work with your needs and set a program that works with your budget and provides all of your cleaning solutions. We want your office to reflect our hard work.

Pro-Care understands that it is of the utmost importance for all medical facilities to be sanitized and disinfected on a daily basis. We use all hospital disinfectants in the cleaning of these types of facilities. We know that a sanitary appearance in any type of medical office is very important.

Pro-Care will design a cleaning program that will meet your needs, such as after store hour cleaning, store front window cleaning and dusting of
shelving, whatever your needs may be.

Pro-Care can care for all of your carpet needs. Regular carpet care is very important to the lifespan of your carpet. Flooring is a large expense to have to replace, but by cleaning your carpet regularly you can avoid an all too early replacement of your carpet not to mention the look and feel of your carpet.

Pro-Care’s professional floor care team can make your floors look so shiny you will think they are wet. We use high quality floor finishes that are just right for your type of floor. Depending on your flooring Pro-Care will use just the right finish for your floors.

Pro-Care offers hauling and junk removal services. We specialize in clean-outs, foreclosures and construction cleanups.

Pro-Care offers warehouse cleaning. We remove dust, debris, vacuum, sweeping, wetscrubb and degreasing of warehouse flooring. Refinish and seal, as well.

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